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Adjust the ethological halter

Our halter tops are custom made for your horse so that the knots are exactly in the right place. The knots press on pressure points so that they can exert a certain pressure and then a release to make the horse understand what is expected of him. By applying this principle of pressure and release, we get horses that respond well to requests and help.

To do this, we position the nodes on a 5 cm by 5 cm area that starts from the tip of thezygomatic process towards the nostrils. This area is sensitive without being painful, so the horse will feel the slightest change in pressure. If the halter is positioned too low, i.e. near the nostrils, there is a risk that the horse's breathing will be compromised.

Cordes et Galop - Licou éthologique - Cheval noir - Points de pression

The throatlash goes to the back of the cheek crossing the bone of the lower jaw, preventing the halter from sliding forward. Also, it is easier to distribute the pressure between the back of the neck and the back of the jaw when pressure is applied downward or forward. The knot between the throat and the wedding band should be adjusted so that the throat is properly positioned without tightening the throat.

Cordes et Galop - Licou éthologique - Cheval brun - Points de pression


To adjust the knot under the trough, you must be able to slide between 2 and 4 fingers between the trough and the halter. When the halter is new, the target spacing is between 2 and 3 fingers. After a few weeks of use, the knots will tighten and the spacing should increase slightly, which will give enough space for the halter to pivot properly around the horse's head and give the horse enough comfort for it to fit. 'he can chew and stretch freely.


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