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Cordes & Galop

Horsemanship Training Lead Rope

Horsemanship Training Lead Rope

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Discover the Cordes & Galop AAMG Long Lines. These long lines are the result of an innovative collaboration with the Académie d'attelage Mathieu Gagné driving academy (AAMG). They combine Cordes & Galop's expertise in creating high-quality products with the renowned expertise of the Académie d'attelage Mathieu Gagné in the field of long line training.

Each pair of long lines is meticulously handmade by Cordes & Galop. The artisanal craftsmanship ensures meticulous attention to detail, resulting in products of exceptional quality.

The lines, made of 6mm polyester ropes, offer optimal strength and durability. They are specially designed to allow you to guide your horse precisely during ground work.

The reins, on the other hand, are made of Biothane, a material known for its strength, flexibility, and easy maintenance. Biothane reins have the advantage of being waterproof, wear-resistant, and easy to clean.

The long lines attach to the bit with a Biothane attachment, which prevents metal-on-metal friction, thereby providing additional comfort to your horse.

Experience this exceptional collaboration between Cordes & Galop and AAMG now, and enjoy an extraordinary long line training experience. Order your carefully crafted long lines and transform your relationship with your horse through this educational and rewarding practice.
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Cheval haflinger alezan avec longues rênes de Cordes & Galop

En utilisant les longues rênes de Cordes & GalopAAMG, vous bénéficierez de nombreux avantages dans votre entraînement équestre. L'entraînement aux longues rênes favorise une meilleure connexion et une plus grande confiance entre vous et votre cheval. Il permet de développer la coordination, l'équilibre et la souplesse de votre compagnon. Les longues rênes sont un outil polyvalent pour le dressage, la préparation à l'attelage et d'autres disciplines équestres.